End user enablement

OpenText Learning Services understands that strong end user adoption is a critical success factor for any technology implementation. Providing a roadmap to success through customized training provides a framework for end users to master the skills required to utilize the customized application.
Strong end user adoption ensures that users understand the functionality of the application and have acquired the skills to effectively use the application. OpenText Learning Services has developed a methodology to assist organizations in providing support to effectively address the challenges of supporting their end users.
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We can help you develop and execute a successful End User Rollout Strategy, including elements such as:
User Adoption Plan
  • Co-develop Plan with your Learning & Development organization
  • Definition of various job roles and associated tasks
  • Gather Requirements for materials to be developed
  • Define delivery mediums for each role

Custom Curriculum Development and Delivery
  • When appropriate, leverage existing OpenText curriculum to expedite the process and incorporate best practices
  • Create training geared to "A day in the life of a user"
  • Develop role-based courses integrating company business processes
  • Development of course material, job aids and Web-based Training (WBT) course

Power User Training
  • On-site Training with Power Users to cover in-depth functionality
  • Opportunity to engage with OpenText instructor to completely understand application

Train-the-Trainer (TTT)
  • On-site training with client's Learning & Development organization or Power Users
  • Option to license course curriculum and instructor guides to expedite development and assist in the presentation
  • Instructor coaching sessions to refine approach and delivery

Web-Based Training (WBT)
  • Deployment of Web-Based Training course throughout entire organization through hosted access or deployed into your Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Unlimited access to client's internal organization
  • Support for globally dispersed workforce
  • Provides ongoing training resources to help deal with onboarding new hires, staff churn, and providing refresher training

Successful End User Rollout Strategy

  • Accelerate Adoption

    Trained users show a 37% increase in productivity. We help develop team training plans.

  • Speak Your Language

    Customize training content to your team's terminology & implementation type. OpenText Learning Services Specialists can help.

  • Train the Trainer

    We work side-by-side with your team to deliver training through a variety of options, from train the trainer to online modules.

  • Reduce TCO

    Trained users need 67% less technical support. Leverage our robust courseware to empower end users and accelerate time to competency.